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Privacy policy

Personal data policy regarding. customers and
partners' personal data.

General information 
In this personal data policy, you can read more about how Stål & Form ApS processes personal data.
Personal data covers any kind of information about an identified or identifiable natural person. Personal data includes information such as contact information, purchase history, etc.


What personal data does Stål & Form ApS receive? 
Stål & Form ApS registers data about you as a necessary part of a contractual relationship with you, including when selling to us or when buying goods and services from us.
We request general contact information as well as payment information and receive information about purchase and sales history when buying and selling.
If you do not want Stål & Form ApS to process your personal data, this may prevent the purchase of goods or services from us.

What is the information used for? 
We use your data to implement our agreement with you. And only processes information about you in order to fulfill ours
obligations to you as a contracting party.

Who does Stål & Form ApS pass on personal information to? 
The personal information you provide to Stål & Form ApS as part of a contract, we use to implement the agreement with you, and do not pass on your information, unless it is part of the agreement with you.
Our data is stored and protected in an IT and network solution in accordance with the regulations.
In addition, your personal data is not passed on and your personal data is not sold to third parties.

How is your data protected? 
Stål & Form ApS is obliged to ensure the protection of your data. We take precautions against that information
accidentally or unlawfully destroyed, forfeited or impaired, as well as against them coming to the knowledge of unauthorized persons, being abused or
otherwise treated in violation of the law.
This also means that your data is corrected if we discover errors, and deleted when we no longer have a duty to store, and otherwise when they are no longer relevant.
Your rights
You always have the opportunity to find out what information we have registered about you and get a copy of your data or information about our
  use this. Under the Personal Data Act, you can request incorrect information to be corrected, object to processing or have your information restricted or deleted if we are not obliged to process it. 

If you have questions about Stål & Form ApS 'processing of your data or want more information, you can contact Stål & Form ApS by phone, e-mail or post. The contact information can be found on our website. 
If you wish to contact Stål & Form ApS to complain about our processing of your personal data, you have the right to submit a complaint.
to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

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