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The strong collaboration makes the difference

Everything that we create in our workshop begins with a close collaboration with architects, designers, and furniture manufacturers. The reciprocal exchange between the craftsman and designer is essential to the way we work. It is here we excel. It is here our passion for modelling clearly shines through.

Anker 1

A new project

A new project is typically initiated with a meeting, where we will look at the framework within the project together. What is the starting point of the assignment. And how do you imagine your end product to be like?


Our starting point can be a hand sketch or a drawing developed in a 3D program. From here we develop more detailed 3D drawings that make us capable of considering a higher detailing and clarification of the right solution before we move on to the development of a prototype. Here we witness functionality and aesthetics in 1:1. The closeness of our workshop and our specialized metal workers makes the creation of the right solutions completely unique. This is how we approach the material and its qualities, and everybody involved gets a special feeling about the project and its process.

Our collaborative philosophy is clear: everybody gets to the table with their best visions and skills.


Our years of experience makes us capable of creating aesthetic, durable solutions that are production friendly and sustainable at the same time.


See examples of what we have developed in collaboration with others:

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