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Our passion and motivation

Stål & Form was founded in 2002. Claus Sønderby, who still runs the company, is from a family of craftsmen and artisans, and already as a young man he fell in love with the metal and received his certification as a metal worker. With Stål & Form an ambition of dedication to a refined metal work and solutions out of the ordinary was realized. A passion for solid crafting, aesthetics and the qualities of the metal are the foundations of Stål & Form. This passion shines through in everything we are and do today.

Since 2002 Stål & Form has grown from a small crowd of dedicated workers to a workshop with great capacity. Through the years we have had the pleasure of working together with many different companies. From furniture manufactures and restaurants to museums and the super yacht industry. From custom made single pieces to medium size furniture collections. To us development is not a destination. It is the fuel that drives us forth on our journey.


A future with beautiful metal solutions and sublime blacksmithing

At Stål & Form we wish to be in the run-up of carrying fine Danish crafting into the future. That is why we gradually train new metalworkers who are dedicated to their topics. And it is why we have a determined focus on the long-lasting advantages and sustainability of the metal. We are determined to create a quality that will last for centuries, and we still wish to cherish our close collaborations with both local and international clients. The future is now. Our contribution is beautiful metal solutions and sublime craftmanship.

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Because we believe in strong communities.


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